Offer within the 1st Week!

“This testimonial ended up being a bit longer than I originally planned, but there was too much good stuff that I didn’t want to leave out!I I couldn’t be happier with my house sale and everything that you did for me. Thank you so much!

“I can’t speak highly enough of my experience with Katie Johnson from RE/MAX. I had worked with a different real estate agency and realtors before being paired up with Katie Johnson, and the difference was truly eye opening. My house had previously been on the market for almost a year, with only a handful of showings and absolutely zero offers to show for it. Once I began working with Katie though, that all changed. After a home visit, Katie provided a very detailed list of recommended updates (ranging from small cosmetic corrections, de-cluttering suggestions, and relatively inexpensive room modernizations). Katie really helped me understand how those improvements would not only help sell my house, but also how the upfront investment would help me save 3-5 times that cost during negotiations.

After providing the recommended updates, Katie also put me in touch with her highly recommended staging consultant. These two were a great duo to work with, and they really made the whole experience as easy, simple, and efficient as possible. They provided recommendations on paint colors, room layouts, and had contacts for any of the updates that required a professional (contacts whom they had proven track records with based on past work). For me, this helped remove so much stress from the process and kept it from ever feeling overwhelming. In addition, they truly understood the financial challenges involved and really maximized the improvements that I was able to afford.

After the updates were completed, Katie put together an amazing listing of the property, with professional photographs, which really highlighted the key features of the house. Once the listing went live, I was blown away by the amount of immediate activity. There were multiple showing requests every day, and within the first week of it being back on the market I had an offer which I accepted!

I would absolutely recommend Katie Johnson to anyone that was looking for a realtor.”


Katie Johnson

Katie Johnson